Betting !! Want to enjoy horse racing?

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Published date: 2019/06/03

It is Rokusan(Man).Nice to meet you. Japanese are fond of unexpected gambling. If you want history or taste but you want a more exciting experience, why not enjoy horse racing in Japan? Because there is in downtown, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy alcohol and food afterwards

Buy a horse racing ticket in downtown Osaka and enjoy horse racing

We will guide you to the horse racing ticket office in Dotonbori, Osaka, and will teach you how to buy and horses that may be worth it.

You will receive 3,000 yen in Japanese yen as a guide fee.

An example of a ticket office by video

The quaint places are also nearby.

Please take a close look at the websites and videos mentioned

Information is on Saturday or Sunday morning. 9 o\'clock to 12 o\'clock

It is no good with children. 20 years old or older.

It is necessary for about 5,000 yen in Japanese yen to enjoy it.

Unlike casinos, customers who come to the ticket office are notable for low-income elderly people and manual workers. You can see the hidden side of Japan.

Two to ten people can guide you.

There is a chair at the ticket office but it is occupied and I can not sit.

Because it is a busy area, it is easy to find a restaurant that takes lunch. Consultation is possible. For example, making a reservation at a very delicious curry rice shop

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